Meath East FG TD Regina Dohertys Political Credentials since February 2011.

regina doherty

By Tom Darcy

Named and Not Ashamed

Regina Doherty TD voted in favor to EVICT innocent families.

Voted to tax your home, voted to tax and steal your water.

Meath East TD Regina Doherty said on the people’s debate she paid back her debts? Her debts are understood to be €280,000, including almost €60,000 owed to the Revenue Commissioners and €50,000 owed to state owned bank AIB. (No Enforcement was followed??) WHY?

Let’s not forget Regina campaign promises

1. More community based Gardaí (Regina voted to close Garda Stations)

2. Class sizes reduced to 20/1 (Regina voted for a budget that increased class sizes 30.1)

3. Increased local amenities in our towns (Regina voted for a 40% increases in excise duties costing over 3000 jobs and forced hard pressed pubs, hotels and restaurants to close).

Regina’s new lies, New Insolvency bill will HELP families?

Not if you’re not working

Not if you lose your job during insolvency agreement, it immediately is terminated.

If you sell your home before 20 years the bank gets all equity over the original value of inception of PIA

Families will have to live in poverty for up to 7 years to pay for criminal bankers and heartless lying politicians.

Regina will be going forward to represent you good people of Meath again next time round,

I’m sure you know what to tell her when you see her..