By The Hub Ireland
Hundreds of thousands face repossession by the banks in Ireland.
Homeless are filling our streets, Housing shortage, cut backs and all sort of beauratic procedures prevent even the homeless families from being homed in emergency shelter.

Millions filter back into the banks each day, starvation for many families. Ireland is on the brink of another catostrophe.
Alarmingly, evictions are not at the head of the agenda, political juggling see’s Ireland facing another uneccessary referendum; water meters and charges dominate too, more and more people in Ireland face the dauting task of finding money to pay for more bills and taxes and of course the bank bail out.

The maths do not add up, the wealthy are looked after while those less well off have to pay for it. The greatest tragedy are the children who have to continuely suffer for the actions of criminally insane politicians saving their bacon.
A Republic that allows evictions, is not a Republic.