Irish water March saturday march21st

By Pol ó Muireadhaigh

The sun shone down on Dublin last Saturday and crowds certainly turned out in huge numbers, Bus and train loads of water warriors arrived from all corners of the country to stand side by side and send a clear message to the government and their lackeys in Irish Water “We are NOT going away and we are not being placated by the crumbs from Enda and Joan’s table nor will we be scared off by the heavy handed actions of our supposedly independent judiciary. The Message from the main R2W stage was one of encouragement, Solidarity and above all UNITY among all the stakeholders in this protest movement. It was with more than a little surprise and confusion that I arrived home to the news that Socialist Party TD. Ruth Coppinger, Mega Phone in hand, had held court at the Daniel O’Connell monument and, in the words of Her Party Leader Joe Higgins on Twitter, Called for a NEW Movement a movement that would exclude Right 2 Water and see the AAA/SP at the forefront pulling the strings, OK so while only the most naive would still claim that this is a peoples movement and is not political and I fully realise that ALL of the parties involved are on an Election footing as February 2016 looms large on the horizon, however surely any attempt to split the protest at this stage only weakens us and sow confusion, just to further muddy the The Non-Payment network, of which the SP/AAA are BIG players have called for a “Bin The Bill” protest on the 18th of April which just happens to be the same day that he rest of Europe will march against the TTIP trade agreement. Unfortunate timing or a deliberate attempt to piggy-back on the growing anti-TTIP sentiment sweeping Europe in recent times?, the jury is still out.



Meanwhile in Montrose/Donnybrook the calculators where out yet again to  inform the population that between 30 and 40,000 protesters “descended on Dublin” to protest Water Charges Mmmmm I wonder what the OTHER 40,000 people in attendance where protesting against if not water charges because according to Right 2 Water estimates the crowd was at least 80,000 strong. Perhaps the additional 40,000 where there to protest, Homelessness, Evictions, Bank Bailouts, Cronyism, Corruption or maybe even state propaganda from our “State Broadcaster”.


This protest has moved way beyond water now The Irish People have woken up, Many have thrown off the blinkers and the explosion of Social Media pages to counter the “official” view of any and all issues from Water Charges to TTIP, Fluoridation to Chemtrails has ensured that the next election will be fought and won or lost on a new Battle Field, the Digital Battle Field of Cyberspace and social media. Who’s ready for it? Well it would appear that if the bad publicity that followed Enda Kenny all the way to Atlanta on St Patricks’ weekend is anything to go by then the Water Warriors and their Keyboards have stolen a march on the “Establishment” so I think we’re in for some very interesting times.