Majority of Irish people would likely support


By Phillip Kelleher

I would like to propose a number of universal principles that – having heard what many active groups in the country have expressed –

the majority of Irish people would likely support. I expect that Sinn Fein and anyone from the Left would embrace such principles.

I used to attend Awaken Ireland meetings in Cork…and we had brainstorming groups to work on such ideas…and the suggestions below are both from myself and from the collective discussions we had in Cork. – * Also from a meeting at the Hub, in Dublin last year.

If we could find, let’s say, nine principles that could be presented to all those who want to be elected to serve the people, and which, alongside of whatever local issues that were pending, these principles could be embraced with the vision for serving the greater good of all the people on this land.
I know that a few groups have created their own version of this ‘contract’…and I would dearly like to sit around a table with them to create a set of principles that we could then present to the people of Ireland. Then, all politicians who signed and honoured it, would be known…and those who did not, would be equally be known !

For example…(and of course, these are just my suggestions… to get the ball rolling :-)

1 – All Natural Resources to be owned by the people of Ireland.

2 – End of the Party Whip system and initiate a transition to the principles of the system of Direct Democracy – where the wishes of the people are honoured.

3 – A real investigation to the deceptive banking bailout- followed by appropriate action against those involved in this fraud.

4 – An open inquiry into creating a new and sustainable banking system – BANKING FOR PEOPLE, NOT FOR PROFIT.

5 – A reformation of the Judiciary – making the Judicial system open, transparent and accountable.

6 – A properly funded Healthcare system.

7 – A properly funded Education system.

8 – A reformation of the Tax laws – creating an equitable tax system.

9 – An Environmental protection plan – honouring the unique heritage and natural beauty of this land and surrounding seas, protecting it from GMO’s and all such contamination – including investing in renewable energy sources from wind and wave – and investigating any new non-polluting energy technologies.

* I suggest that the universal principles of Transparency, Accountability, Integrity/Natural Justice and Sustainability could be integrated into all systems of Politics, Banking, Business and the Judicial system – and upon these four pillars could a better balance in society be attained, both for ourselves and the coming generations.

Kind Regards ~ Philip

Anything we can imagine – we can create !