Major Picket on Louth Legal Firms Announced: Boycott Campaign Heats Up

Finbar Markey
The Louth branch of the National Land League of Ireland has advanced their boycott campaign against local legal firms working for banks by announcing a picket at a number of local offices next month (March 2015). Locals have decided to call the picket for Friday the 20th of March at 1pm, meeting at Dundalk Town Square.
All legal firms in the town of Dundalk have received boycott notices politely requesting they desist from prosecuting home possession cases. It appeared that Ahern and McDonnell, the main offender by far, had desisted from such immoral business, but now it seems they have only been concealing their involvement of late and that the duo of the Registrar Mairead Ahern and her Husband (partner in Ahern and McDonnell) continue to profit from the misery of others in what might be described in the old boy’s clubhouse as “a most convenient coupling indeed”.
Louth Land League members are appealing for activists and concerned citizens from across the country to attend the picket in March and are eager to convey to the public that this is the first picket on a legal firm as part of the National Strategy for change. To ensure that local members whose homes are currently in court cannot be intimidated by attending the picket, those from outside the area are asked to attend in numbers.
The aim of the boycott is to act upon the words of Charles Stewart Parnell and to shun the agents of eviction in their local communities, making it more difficult for the banks to achieve their goal of mass eviction. The targets of the boycott picket in Dundalk will not be announced until the morning of the event which is planned to be peaceful but assertive.