By Ken Smollen

Not long home from another busy day for the Irish Democratic Party in which we attended a meeting of people who are rightly opposed to the EVICTION of families from their homes. Many of those who lead this organisation are very genuine people who work tirelessly for the cause by attending many of the courts and supporting people in a time of absolute desperation for so many families. The Irish Democratic Party have and will continue our Public Awareness Campaign both outside and inside these places of horror for thousands of people.

However two things about today really disappointed me. The first being that less than 100 people attended – Yes, I know it was a Sunday and people have lives to live, time with the family, resting before the new weeks work begins and even bingo seems to be important. Yes, leave it up to others to do or I can’t be bothered to attend these silly meetings seems to be the attitude of so many – IS IT ANY WONDER ENDA & COHORTS are laughing all the way to being the largest party again after the General Election!

The second and probably most disappointing thing of all that happened today was the result of a vote taken at the meeting. Attendees were asked if the group should endorse any political candidates at the election and the result was NO. This despite the fact that a plea was made to those attending to support the candidates of either the Irish Democratic Party or Direct Democracy Ireland who have in the past and will in the future show our support for people who are at one of the lowest points in their lives. By the way the two named parties were the only two that bothered to have people attend the meeting while the usual suspects enjoyed their Sunday roast.

Interesting too was that most of the opposition to supporting either party came from none other than ENDA’s county! The Irish Democratic Party has almost 1,000 members in 25 of the 26 counties – guess which county is the odd one out?

Nevertheless we will continue to oppose this very corrupt and collaborating Government. We’re not going anywhere, we’re here to stay until we bring these gangsters down – however we can only make REAL CHANGE happen from within Leinster House and while showing protest on the streets is vitally important it will ultimately not remove the fraudsters from their plush offices in Leinster House from where the inhabitants leer at the peasants from their cosy chairs.

I can only plead with this particular organisation to think again about their decision. We are all on the same side in this battle against tyranny. We will continue to stand with you and support you and the thousands of people who desperately need our help and support, but for all our sakes and that includes our children and grandchildren, give us your support, join us, put your names forward and stand for election – because if you don’t ENDA KENNY & COHORTS will be forever grateful for your help in their re-election!

Ken Smollen