By Brian
Funny thing happened when the shit hit the fan
You know when the bubble burst when the banks got caught.
Out of every place came the get this experts what the Fluk.
Experts in all maters Economy
Now I have been around I get out and I see the news sometimes.
I know Bull Shit when I am been fed it.
What is an Expert
A person with a high degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject.
How do you become an Expert
practice study
The Experts did not see it coming and if they did they kept it to themselves. Nothing like it had ever happened before but over night experts came out of the fecken woodwork.
Takes practice and study to become an expert what planet did they visit to get their expertise. Must be that bright one near Uranus planet fucked up .
But hold on a bit they are the same experts now that were the same experts telling us every things ok we will be fine. Soft landing ahead yea soft landing Some people out there are still waiting for their nuts to drop back down from inside their head. Soft landing Bull Shit
So what do they do they form a club for experts and they meet a few days a week its that new club the Bank inquiry club.
its a cool place where none experts such as politicians ask questions of the experts that have proved not to be experts questions on what the fuck happened .
Its a fair question the answer given is we had money now its gone.
But were did it go. No one knows but its gone. Bull shit
In the Club we have had so far the experts that told the dumb ass politicians what to do in their expert opinion at the time.
Now the same Bull Shit Experts in their all new expertise in Bull Shit at a higher degree.
Are saying the Bull Shit politicians were wrong to follow the Bull Shit experts Bull Shit advice.
When the Bull Shit experts at the time are the same Bull Shit experts now.
That advised the Bull Shit politicians to follow their Bull Shit expertise.
But our Bull Shit politicians have not had the brains well yes I know I said brains and politicians in the same sentence and yes that’s a bit of long shot. But not one of them have had the expertise or maybe they could have all fallen asleep while the experts that told them what to do at the time said
You dumb fucks you should not have listened to us .
Well I am Paraphrasing but that’s more or less what the experts at the time are all saying now,
So they must have been asleep
I know I wasn’t asleep when they said it
First thing came to my mind was.So its your fucking fault all this Bull Shit
So here we are a few years after the Bull Shit listening to Bull Shit politicians asking bull shit questions to Bull Shit Experts about all the Bull Shit.
Now that’s Bull Shit