Letter sent to Enda, joan.burton, leo.varadkar, james.reilly, Minister, eamon.gilmore

Ireland not for sale

By Journalist Martin Farrell

Dear Sir or Madam

It seems clear now at this juncture that this so called Government will stoop to any level at this time to demonise peoples right to protest against the IMFs austerity measure called Irish water. The people of Eire will not stand idly by and let fellow citizens be jailed by corrupt judges for their right to protest.
This will not happen, Its a sad day when Ive to say that my  own country is run by corruption and lies by the shill of people that stands in the so called dail, Not even a government but a fallacy of such a bought load of Teachers ,and highly paid advisers,
Kenny ,, Burton, rabbit, Leo, Reilly, And the rest of you are a bunch of lying BASTARDS, Just like the greens Labour is gone, and Kenny will feck of with his purse as well stolen from the Irish people, But the damage is done, and remember who done this to the peoples republic of Eire