Let’s talk about health.

Organic Vegtables
Organic Vegetables

By Jim Corr

Whether you believe that an environment has been set up whereby we poison ourselves, or not, we can all agree that we are living within a pretty sick society and something has gone terribly wrong.

We all know someone with cancer and we’ve a one in four chance of contracting the disease ourselves.

So many people are suffering from toxic overload from the environment we live in. Our bodies can only take so much.

This may not affect you in your 20’s, 30’s even 40’s but chances are it will eventually.

The further we move or are led away from the Creator’s Natural World the more into trouble we get. We have a symbiotic relationship with this natural world and need to immerse ourselves back into it’s protective embrace.

I’m not a doctor, but here is I believe a basic blueprint for restoring and maintaining good health, so the chances will be we live out our maximum number of years, and hopefully disease free.

We are made up of nearly 75% water. Doesn’t it make sense that we consume the purest water possible? Because of toxins, contaminants, and chemicals it is essential we properly filter our tap water before consuming, and by properly I don’t mean a Britta filter. The best bang for your buck seems to be with the table top gravity filters like British Berkfeld or similar. Distilled water is fab, though a little expensive on electricity. Spring and Well water great too, long as it’s not polluted. But avoid water in plastic bottles, as the plastic chemicals leach into the water.

Conventional farming laces our food with pesticides, insecticides and chemicals. Washing will not get rid of it if it’s in the soil and gets absorbed by the plant. It may cost a little extra to go organic as nature intended but isn’t it so worth it to consume chemical free nutritious food, and anyway have you priced cancer lately?!

A contentious issue, but meat is making us sick, especially how it’s processed. I don’t personally believe we are designed to eat meat, and how we treat our animals is horrific. Vegetarians live longer, an average of 6-7 years and get less degenerative diseases. As regards dairy, another contentious issue, I follow the advice laid out by The Essenes, and I believe it’s ok to consume a small amount of organic dairy, long as it’s raw and from healthy well cared for animals. Doing so helps to insure we’re not deficient in essential vitamins and minerals including B12.

Cooking our food, nice as it is, unfortunately depletes the inherent goodness. It’s difficult to go completely raw, but a move in that direction helps. Lightly steaming vegetables is probably the least destructive cooking method. Try and include at least one raw organic meal a day, you will ensure you’re getting all of the medicinal properties of the plants etc. It will help to turn your system alkaline.

An abundance of healthy gut bacteria is so important, some doctors maintain that most illnesses stem from an unhealthy gut due in part to an overuse of antibiotics etc. I believe the best way to get healthy bacteria into our systems is to consume fermented foods like Kimchi or Sourkraut, Probiotic organic yogurts, Kefir, Kombucha, or failing that a good probiotic like Udo’s will help.

Research how good fasting is for the human body and what happens. The energy normally reserved for digestion gets to rid the body of dead cells, which triggers stem cells into creating brand new cells, a rejuvenation of the system and a speeding up of our metabolism occurs. According to the Essenes, no more than two good nutritious meals a day is necessary, the first when the sun is at it’s highest, and second when it’s at it’s lowest, that way there’s a natural fast period between say 7pm and the next day at 12pm. And the advice is to stop eating when you’re 8/10ths full.

The skin is a solar panel and we need a certain amount of safe sunshine on our bare skin without blockage to properly activate the manufacture of vitamin D which has been found to be in insufficient levels in people with degenerative diseases. By safe I mean never allowing the skin to burn and staying out of the sun during the hottest hours. In Ireland during the summer depending on your skin type that might mean staying out of the sun between 12pm and 3.30pm and taking it either side of those times. On the continent that that could mean not taking the sun between 11am and 5pm, it depends on your skin type. Safe sunshine is key, and unfortunately most sunscreens are found to contain toxic ingredients which get absorbed by the skin into the body, and are best avoided long as you’re careful with the sun and the times you allow yourself to take it.

Moderate exercise is necessary to keep the body oxygenated and functioning properly. Whether it’s a walk in nature, jogging, pilates, yoga or whatever suits you.

We need to consider everything we put onto and into our bodies and whether it’s natural. Are vaccines a part of the natural world? What ingredients are in vaccines and what are the potential accumulative short and long term side effects of these combined ingredients? What about artificial sweeteners? It’s important to do your own research and make informed decisions. Sugar, especially processed sugar fuels cancer and needs to be cut out. There are alternatives like natural Birch tree extract (xylitol), Stevia, and honey, make sure it’s raw, unprocessed and preferably local of course.

The key is to get BACK TO NATURE and make food our medicine. Straying from it has been to our detriment. X