Leo’s new target for achievement is not having more than 70 people on trolleys




Leo has said that the Government needs to ‘redouble’ its efforts to tackle the crisis.

He also says that the 1,000 extra beds provided so far have not been nearly enough.

Leo’s new target for achievement is not having more than 70 people on trolleys for longer than nine hours by the end of this year.

I believe Leo favors privatisation of the health care system, Shur didn’t Denis buy a hospital, and since the government is broke, he could give some of the public purse to private corporations and investors for building a few hospitals

Leo says he the state of the health service in Ireland always seems to balance on the edge of collapse. We wonder is that because it’s been deliberately made useless and will eventually be replaced with private hospitals. While the public service currently implodes on itself one wonders is this the long term plan.

Just think if a serious epidemic or illness broke out, or a major catastrophic event was to hit the country, it’s is hard to see how the health service would cope.

Leos answer to the crisis is to have a media campaign and encourage people to use minor injury units, rather than emergency departments. So if your sick or injured don’t go to the hospital because it’s running on a wing and a prayer.

It all reminds me of the line from Father Ted when Dougal had the bomb in the milk float and a priest says ….Is there anything to be said for having another Mass it might fix it.