Irish Water poison chalice

By Duleek Against Water Charges

We believe legislation rushed through the Dáil last night is a real sign of failure on the government’s behalf and a desperate attempt to frighten people into signing a contract with Irish Water Company Limited.

This is a time for level heads and people should take comfort in the fact that we have forced this government to do u-turn after u-turn on the price of water from its original estimate last September and forced extension after extension with dead lines.

We forced Irish Water to abandon the idea of using PPS numbers to identify occupants in each household and at present it looks like the government have abandoned the idea of stopping water charges out of wages, social welfare and pensions.

There is absolutely no doubt citizens of this state are fearful of what moves the government may take next however the key to their failure and the key to our success is Irish Water is a private limited company where no one can be forced into a contract against their will.

The legislation passed last night which forces landlords to pass information to identify tenants is not really a success for the government because this still does not force tenants to pay a bill to a company they have no contract with.

Thousands of homes have still not registered and there is no law in the land to force householders to identify any single person in a household who could be responsible for a bill so we call on everyone to remain solid, continue the campaign against these unjust charges and do not pay or engage with Irish Water.