Laws allowing unpaid water bills to be deducted from wages and welfare passes first Dáil vote  

The Civil Debt Bill allowing unpaid water bills be deducted from wages and welfare has passed by 70 votes for to 43 against, One wonders where all the TDs are when votes are being taken.


It doesn’t really matter anyway, Water charge opponents say the bill will not be enough to stop the mass boycott currently taking place, and Irish Water will have to take a separate court case for each person who doesn’t pay.


However there are still several problems for Irish Water


The new bill does NOT allow water charges to be taken from social welfare, wages or pensions without two court cases first.


The first of those court cases can’t start until you owe €500 – which means the end of 2017 at the earliest.


Irish Water is a private company and cannot force you to enter into a contract against your will and because its a private limited company needs to have a signed contract.


So just how Irish Water are going to produce signed contracts will be a real interesting piece of deception. Any person taken court only has to say I recall signing no such contract, 


The fight against water charges is a long long way from over, the people will not break so easy this time, this governments time will be long over before this comes to a halt.


There is also another big issue… it’s called fluoride

Your so called governments, Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael & Labour have been poisoning the population since 1964 using hexafluorosilicic acid which is a mixture of silico-fluorides, hydrogen fluoride, aluminium, arsenic, lead, and other metals.

It’s illegal to dump this chemical into rivers or seas, yet the government add to our drinking water.

Ireland and small parts of Spain are the only places in Europe where people are forced to drink poisoned water