Labour Party So Far Left, They’ve Become HARD Right

Alan kelly TD Waster

By The Truthful Irish

Alan Irish Water Kelly takes to attacking the left where he claimed there needed to be a conversation in this weeks Irish Times “about work in this country and the value of making a contribution to society”

“I believe everyone should, if they are able, make a contribution to society.

“There are a certain amount of people who believe in not making a contribution to society but allow for taxpayers to fund this indulgence.”

While Alan Irish Water Kelly said he was not connecting his comments to the anti-water charges protests, he said others were making the link.

What others is Kelly referring to? or is he making it up as he goes and inferring others said it.

Does Kelly realise the Irish taxpayer are funding his massive claim of wages, and unvouched for expenses, or that his party are partly responsible along with Fine Gael yobo’s for the protests now gracing our streets. Depriving people of their freedom in order to bully and force the will of a government with no mandate into accepting a Quango that cannot and will not survive.

Does Kelly realise that when Irish Water fails he will be made the scapegoat  and will be directly responsible for all monies lost and wasted on a Quango which can never exist.

The people of Ireland already pay for water or is Alan Irish Water Kelly just to THICK & IGNORANT to accept this.

His party which purport to be left are so far left they have become hard right and cannot possible claim to represent anyone other than their own inflated ego’s.

Yet they brazen it out telling us we gave them this mandate.. WAKE up asshole and smell the manure your spouting.

The next Election will inform you exactly what the people think of the Labour lies and the mandate you purported to represent and implement.

The power of the people is STRONGER than the people in power. This will be shown to the Labour party, when we get our one day of democracy in 5 years and elect the next representative DICTATORSHIP.

Of course if the elections are not RIGGED as previous one’s have been..