County Offaly, Uibh Fhaili in Irish, is part of the Midlands and located in Leinster. It was formerly known as ‘King’s County’ and has a population of approximately 75,000. Former Taoiseach Brian Cowen was born in Clara but resides in Ballard near Tullamore.

In 2010 Mr Cowen was part of a government which abolished tax relief on bin collection charges worth €80 a year. Since then bin charges have rocketed through the roof and many household’s already struggling to put food on the table are now faced with further bin charges. Next July the country will see an increase of up to 150% in some areas by the greedy waste collectors.

Mr Cowen puts his wheelie bin out for collection every second Tuesday as he did this morning however it seems Mr Cowen will not have any worries regarding his bill.

Information which has come into our possession suggests that Mr Cowen does not receive the bill for the collection but Tullamore Garda station pays it every month.

Duleek Against Austerity call on Mr Cowen and Tullamore Garda station to confirm or deny whether the tax payer foots the bill for Mr Cowen’s waste collection.

It is not acceptable while the rest of the citizens of Ireland struggle to survive that a man can be treated like a “king” or is there some form of “CORRUPTION” at play here.