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Brian McCarthy ~ Killarney Says No ~ Ireland Says No ~ AET
Dear Member of the Community
Has Austerity affected you? If so we ask you to stand united on the 28th February .
Communities working together to help not only themselves but others as well is a very powerful solution to what is currently a serious crisis here in Ireland. Our intent is to replace despair with hope coupled with national pride among ordinary Irish people, a sense of recapturing dignity after years of being treated appallingly.

We are holding peaceful protest in Killarney on the 28th February (details overleaf) to highlight the issues that successive governments have enforced upon us by way of cruel austerity measures. Cutback after cutback to health, education, enforced emigration and more injustice than justice being served daily.

Longer working hours for less reward, more taxes and charges while the taxpayers bailed out the corporate owned banks. Gross Government Debt in 2007 was €47bn, with nearly €20bn in our National Pension Reserve Fund; now our GGD is over €200bn, NPRF is down to about €7bn, and billions in lost interest.

The Constitution, human and fundamental rights have been consistently ignored by successive governments and social exclusion furthered by omission. This is a cruel price to pay for an ageing population who have worked towards building our country, only to see their rightful expectations as citizens destroyed by political lies and false promises.
Suicide, depression and emotional pain in our communities needs awareness, compassion, resources and solutions to the rising problems some which are caused by enslavement to debt. Corrupt bankers walking freely when family homeowners suffering devastating guilt when just 190 people borrowed €62 Billion in the boom to bust.
Corporate banks controlling our economy are strong forces working against the formation and health of local social systems and services. Turning our nature like water into commodity for vested interest is the straw that may break the cycle of deceit we are subjected to here in Ireland.

We do not have to leave ourselves open to the brunt of austerity and we are hoping to empower the community to stand up and tell the policy makers that too much pain has been suffered and enough is enough.

In a world where market ideologies have become dominant and infused all areas of life, we have increasingly lost a sense of working together to make the changes required for the betterment of all in society.
Healing our economy places emphasis on public control, includes poverty reduction and social dignity via a fair system for all. It includes LOBBYING controls and TAX-AVOIDANCE remedies for large corporations and multinational organisations, FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX as well as promotion of smaller enterprises AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
Ireland is being systematically dismantled and destroyed from the top down. It can never be changed from within. We must (re)build our society from the ground up.
The thousands of people now actively involved in hundreds of local campaign groups across the country must begin to translate protest into real results starting at a local community level.

That means local food, health, education, support and development resources being built up and shared to take us back to a society of true social value along with compassion and away from the centralised all-powerful and subjugating structure of corporate controlled careless governments.

Yours Sincerely
Brian Lorraine McCrthy
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