By Liam Deegan

It appears that the backlash against K-TECH Security is beginning to pay off… Every week without fail K-TECH Security advertised on a website called the “Insolvency Journal” and every week they advertised their despicable wares on the front page but this week it isn’t there and I wonder why not?

The website is run by none other than their old friends and constant contractors, Deloitte, the receivers extraordinaire and accountancy firm of the year 2015. Would it be that Deloitte don’t like the attention that K-TECH Security are attracting and that they were told to not advertise anymore or at least until the heat is off (as if that is going to happen by the way)

Deloitte 2Or is it that Kevin McGarry doesn’t want to be seen to be advertising on a website that has anything to do with throwing people out of their homes and businesses because he is afraid that it will damage the company image? Bit too late for that, Kevin as the damage is already done and you did it all by yourself when you took on the job of breaking down doors and throwing families on to the street for a living.

Lets get to the rub… You bring upon yourself what you give out and if you can’t take the pressure then it’s time to move to the British Virgin Islands where you will be in good company with plenty of unsavoury characters who also frequent the tax haven.

Deloitte 3Greed and ego always find a way of swinging back and knocking you out cold… When you least expect it!