Judge Petria McDonnell-Collins Trim Circuit Court



Today I sat and witnessed an Administrator/Judge give dead entity banks orders to possess peoples dwellings.Yet in a different court case it was ruled DEAD ENTITIES can’t own anything.

“Judge McCartan directed the jury to find the accused not guilty on all counts. He told the jury that proving an offence of theft must include a technical proof of the existence of an entity capable of ownership.”

So lets look at this a little more carefully and ask some questions

1. Is she really a Judge if so she has broken her oath of office (committed treason) and put herself above the so called constitution of the Free State.
Judges Oath of Office

“In the presence of Almighty God, I do solemnly and sincerely promise and declare that I will duly and faithfully and to the best of my knowledge and power execute the office of Chief Justice (or as the case may be) without fear or favour, affection or ill-will towards any man, and that I will uphold the Constitution and the laws. May God direct and sustain me.”

Uphold the constitution is there so Article 40.5 applies, Article 41.1.1 also applies if its a family.
ill-will towards any man : A man turned up today and was bore ill will

2.Does Trim court have a legal valid bona fide license to operate ? How can it have its a private club that runs the BAR http://coupdetatmedia.net/sovereign-man-calls-bar-council-…/

3.Where is she getting her Jurisdiction the Lanigian case was mentioned several times today. It states The Circuit Court has no Jurisdiction to hear cases for possession on peoples dwellings, however Judge Petria McDonnell just ignored that.

4.Then a real living man presented himself and told the court he did not consent to any proceedings taking place about his dwelling. After first saying she did not recognise this man and would say he was absent, Judge Petria McDonnell then tried to address the man a title (Mr) .The man told her he did not have any titles. several times more she attempted to address the man as a legal fiction, the man kept telling her he had no titles. Then she asked if he had a birth cert, (Is that the contract I wonder or was she again trying to assign him to the role of legal fiction?). Anyway she went on to give an order on some property folio, BUT that’s NOT the mans dwelling, but just in case she was referring to the mans dwelling with her double speak from a forked tongue, the man said he objected and did not accept any orders and left the court.. It will be interesting to see what happens next If some other state dead entity fictions were to come looking for this Mr legal fictions home (not the mans dwelling) and he threw a birth cert out to them would that be the end of the story. The legal fiction will have been evicted and the man would be still in his dwelling.

I watched case after case where Judge Petria McDonnell was not prepared to listen to reason The standing of Ken McCutcheon a competent witness for EBS was questioned, the plaintiff spat out some garbage about him being qualified under the bankers evidence act 1879 which basically says the competent witness must be an employee of the bank. The man asked to see proof Ken McCutcheon worked at the bank via P60s pay slips tax returns for the years he worked there and was fobbed of by the Judge, Order given on a family dwelling protected under article 41.1.1 and article 40.5 of Bunreacht na héireann which this woman supposedly took an oath to uphold.

I watched her fob off another man who was paying the bank monthly using the Official Offer. the banks cause of action was failing, refusing or neglecting to pay the bank, the man put forward an excellent case, because he is clearly still paying and as such could not be failing refusing or neglecting the bank and should instead be before the court for non specif performance. This loan had been securitised so the man asked the bank to document and verify the obligation he had to them. They said it transferred with the mortgage. One cannot transfer the obligation of a loan to another without consent. The Judge fobbed him off saying these cases had been dealt with in the High Court, But shur they are referring to other peoples cases he’s not a party to, and she didnt present any case law. Again One cannot transfer the obligation of a loan to another without consent from the mortgor. He also reminded the Judge of her obligations to the constitution which were completely ignored.

There were other cases too and motions, We had EBS get a scolding from the Judge and point out a load of errors in the affidavit of the plaintiff and then reward an order against a woman who was not present to defend her dwelling. The Invisible Ken McCutcheon was the competent witness who signed the civil bill.

Motions were dismissed left right and centre for lay litigants after being led laps of all the legalise words needed to to stitch them up by the good judge.

However a motion before the court involving the Lanigian case as the case law presented stating that the Circuit court did not have Jurisdiction to hear a case where an order was given on rateable value. The good Judge while doing a great job of manipulating the young lady presenting the case, to get her back into the commercial world every time she mentioned dwelling,, this young lady stood her ground and gutlessly said she would deliver a decision to the young lady on Friday. Had she scummed to that motion all the orders she had given and was about to give would have been void and the poor auld court would have made no money (after all it is a registered business ) and they would get no shares of the spoils.

I must applaud the man who presented himself as a man in Trim Circuit Court today for exposing the court system for exactly what it is. People dressed in black pretending they have jurisdiction over living people they view as dead pieces of paper by the legally dead Judges and barristers (All actors playing roles). If their legally dead then they can’t speak to the living and can only interact between themselves. Legally dead people talking to legally dead people. However when men/women enter they are viewed by these pirates of the dead world as corporations (dead corpses) to be preyed upon. Most men and women are so indoctrinated they don’t know they are lambs to the slaughter the moment they step inside the court. They had been summoned there, only the dead can be summoned so they have already scummed to the trickery and deception of the court system.
Just ask yourself how can the DEAD have Jurisdiction over the living….Ans They can’t cos there dead
Always remember Legality is not Reality, its a copy and is mostly smoke and mirrors.