Journalists Back HPV Vaccine, Is Science the New Religion?

HPV Vaccine
HPV Vaccine

(Cervical cancer: ‘If you want to give medical advice on vaccinations, become a doctor’
Tuesday, May 02, 2017, Irish times Jessica Casey)

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By Pat Greene

the author is part of a belief system similar to a religion, do not question the scientists…do not question the bishop

(“Eight years ago Mary Harney was being lambasted for not introducing the cervical cancer vaccination into Ireland,” says Matt Hewitt, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH).)
“Now we have it for free and it’s been shown to be safe, it’s been shown to be effective and people are listening to false stories, false rumors, unsubstantiated claims of harm, and not receiving the vaccine which is just frightening. It’s a massive concern.)

What company or person is paying for all our free shots? Safe,..for whom? Prove that they are false, you may say that the claims are anecdotal but for a scientist to dismiss them as false shows the arrogance of a deeply held belief…similar to a religion! The use of emotive language, frightening and concern, from the scientist is not scientific.

(“We have this amazing piece of science that’s gone on since the 30s where the papanicolaou [pap screen] [named after George Papanicolaou, a Greek pioneer in cytopathology and early cancer detection] realised we could take a smear to detect precancerous cells of the cervix.)

Fine with PAP smears…I have some reservations but it’s ok

(“Now we’re at a stage where we can actually prevent people getting cancer of the cervix by getting a vaccination. That is an unbelievable scientific progress.”)

Prevention is NOT proven…only the absence of a virus is believed to be proven and beneficial, and is it progress

(So where has the concern about the vaccination come from?)

Ans. The parents and children inflicted with the aftermath of using the shot.

(Speaking at the recent Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) annual conference, Health Minister Simon Harris blamed “random social media accounts” for spreading unsubstantiated safety concerns about the vaccination.)

Arrogance what arrogance, speaking to too many bishops …sorry medics.. me thinks.

(“We have vaccines in this country that can prevent death,” said Mr Harris. “We have a vaccine that can prevent girls from dying of cancer. And yet we have uninformed nonsense interfering with medical efforts to save lives. Shame on them.)

Shame on him for NOT serving (minister means serving) the people as he is contracted to it does not say he is to serve some of the people…it is ALL the people. This is a clear example of an emotional outburst; emotions are triggered by belief not logic.

(“If you want to give medical advice on vaccinations, become a doctor. If not, get out of the way and stay away from our public health policy.”)

What a disgusting attitude from an upstart who must believe that he is a ruler not a servant…WE PAY HIS WAGES….HE DOES NOT PAY OURS!!

(But whatever the foundations, concerns persist and are growing.)

Because they are real.

(A support group set up by parents of Irish teenage girls who believes their daughters developed serious health problems after entering secondary school posted a Facebook video entitled “HPV vaccination for 12-year-old girls — Make up your own mind”.)

Funny how the word “believes” is used when talking about those who see, feel, hear, touch, smell, and live with the results of the jab.

(At the time of writing, this video had amassed 1,328,562 views and more than 3,000 comments. The video has been shared almost 30,000 times across the social media platform.)

Does this not inform our servant that he is backing the wrong horse…who voted for this plebeian?..oops emotions getting the better of me.

(Viewers are encouraged to “share and spread the word to ensure that parents are fully informed, before they make their minds up on behalf of their daughters.”)

Yes because they are/were only receiving the information from those who believe in their actions as medics. One sided information.

(“The vaccine needs to be banned and discontinued forever!” one public comment on the video reads).

Is there a ban on free speech…this is an irrelevant loaded quote with no reason to be printed here other than to discredit the organisation …it might be relevant if the organisation said it.

(Other comments express concern — one wrote: “My daughter is due to get the HPV vaccine tomorrow in school and after seeing this and reading some of the comments I’m not sure she should get it.”)

So a parent decided to question the cardinal/bishop ..sorry, medical “evidence” and what is the point in including this families opinion …people are entitled to express their opinions AND QUESTION MEDICAL BELIEFS.

(As with all health campaigns, especially one that can potentially save lives, getting the right information out to the public is essential, says consultant in infectious diseases at Cork University Hospital and president-elect of the RCPI, Professor Mary Horgan.)

Never a truer word spoken…but why did the HSE instruct its staff to remove the public information leaflets from the vaccine boxes, leaflets pharmacies and drug suppliers must include in the box by law!

(“What’s important from a doctor’s point of view, or a healthcare professional, is ensuring that the public get the best information that’s based on science, on research, on publications and on experience,” says Prof Horgan)

 I repeat comment. 

Never a truer word spoken…but why did the HSE instruct its staff to remove the public information leaflets from the vaccine boxes, leaflets pharmacies and drug suppliers must include in the box by law!

(The dropped uptake for the vaccination is very concerning, Prof Horgan says, especially from her position as a specialist in infectious disease.)

Emotions again..logic please!

(Parents need to base their decisions about the vaccination on scientific evidence and not on advice from social media, she advises.)

Public information sheet…why was it removed?

(“Individuals impart information that may not be based on scientific background. I think that’s in the context of knowing that many diseases are drastically reduced or even eradicated because of vaccines.)

Said the bishop..

(“People don’t remember the 1950s when there were outbreaks of polio that impacted on patients — people died from it, people were disabled from it. The onset of vaccines for polio prevented that and we don’t see it anymore.”)

There are many other correlations between disease reduction and the causes of disease reduction

(However, the Reactions and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma (Regret) support group, set up by parents of Irish teenage girls who developed serious health problems after entering secondary school, says concerns are not being addressed.)

If they were, this article would be very different.

(“These parents are certain that the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) is the cause of their daughters’ otherwise unexplained illness,” the group’s website reads.)

The web site can’t speak …but a phone call would allow you to speak to a rep. from the group.

(The group maintains there are hundreds of Irish school girls who have developed serious, inexplicable health issues after receiving the vaccination.)

“the group” ..the parents of children.

(Sean Wynne, a teacher from Leitrim, became involved with the Regret support group after his daughter became ill. Today he is the secretary of a separate organisation called the Gardasil Awareness Group.)

(He believes there is a complex political manoeuvre by “official Ireland” to ostracise anyone with reservations about Garadsil.)


(“If you are calling for an investigation, that there should be a review, they say the science is there to say it’s 100% safe.)

Default position…refer to the bishops findings.

(“But I contend that it is not 100% safe having had a daughter wander around for four years in the medical wilderness.”)

The bishops of the church of the HSE system will protect the system at all costs…isn’t that what churches do.

(Mr Wynne claims his daughter became ill after receiving the HPV vaccination in secondary school, developing symptoms such as food intolerance’s, continued tiredness, constant head pain, buzzing in the ears, brain-fog, and lack of concentration, sensitivity to light and unexplained rashes post-vaccination. For a long time I could not find the right drug in the pharmacy. Canadian pharmacy solved my problem. You can safely look at the site whatever you want and make an order. The operator calls back quickly enough, confirms the order, and that’s all, no embarrassment. They offered to pick up analogues, but I refused. Read more on After the order give a “gift”, choose a discount from one of the partners. Perhaps it was useful to someone, but I did not use it. Prices for all medicines are lower than in other pharmacies. The site cost less. Moreover, they periodically hold promotions with good discounts. A very wide selection of drugs, I found here everything that I could not find in ordinary pharmacies.)

Common to all children inflicted with the outcome of the jab.

(Doctors could not offer Mr Wynne or his family an explanation as to what was causing her symptoms.)

(“I would be 100% for vaccinations,” he said. “My wife and I wouldn’t have put our daughter through this if we thought there was a risk. To come along and ostracise and almost refute the existence of these girls is a terrible silent injustice.”)

This is the experience of hundreds of inflected children and their families…remember, a red sea pole about a political party’s statement will canvases approx. 1200 people and the journalists put so much faith in them yet this group is growing weekly..

(Last year, a review by the European Medicines Agency found no evidence that HPV vaccines cause chronic fatigue-like conditions, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).)

Evidence?, if you and you colleagues’ read from the same books and adhere by the same rules the same outcome will be arrived at each and every time

(The study found no evidence that the overall occurrence of these syndromes in girls who received the HPV vaccine is different to those who had not, even taking into account possible under-reporting.)

Same books same rules.

(Mr Wynne disputes this study. “The HSE expects that 300 parents and their families and all their connections to accept that it’s this chronic fatigue syndrome.
“That these girls would have all these conditions, that my daughter would have these conditions even if they had never got the vaccine.”
the EMA study. However, Prof Horgan says parents must base their decision on scientific evidence such as)

EMA “study”= they studied their existing books and systems and do not want to change them in the light of new reports and evidence…the bishops are circling the wagons.

(“I respect people coming from different areas,” Prof Horgan says.
“But all we can do, and all you can do, is base it on the scientific evidence that is out there.)

A bishop speaking about his system and that he is protecting it.

(“When you do see people coming in with vaccine-preventable diseases you are left saying ‘Oh my god, I wish this person had been vaccinated.’ We see the bad outcomes of vaccine preventable disease.”)

Emotional attachment that disregards the human cost…so long as his family is not inflected.

(In her professional opinion, is there anything in the argument that this vaccination causes extreme adverse effects?)

“professional opinion”…doctors differ patients die. An opinion! The parents opinion, or should I say the Families opinion is above all positive law..see our 1937 constitution.

(“There isn’t, I mean because the function of drug regulatory programmes, we have the Health Product Regulatory Agency here or in Europe we have the European Medicines Agency, is to monitor adverse reactions to drugs, and vaccines and devices and there has been no signal with HPV vaccines.)

A badly constructed reporting system will always report badly…the belief in the infallibility of the system is palpable at this point.

(“If you look at the side effects of everything we take that’s medicinal, there has to be a huge array of side effects put on because potentially they could happen. But the thing with vaccines is that there is a huge amount of monitoring. If side effects are reported they are looked at,” Professor Horgan explains.)

If there is a huge amount of monitoring why is this pattern of complaint, same pains, same organ failures, same time frames, and same order of symptoms etc. repeating itself all around the world…this is not confined to Ireland…bishop protecting his church.

(“What happens is there is a huge database, not just a report here and there, it’s everything that’s looked at together to see if there is a signal, in other words what side effects seem to be more common, anything that would alert us or give us concerns about it.”)

It must be set up to fail or it is just badly designed!

(The Health Protection Regulatory Body (HPRA) received 245 complaints of adverse reactions associated with the use of the HPV vaccine over the last two years.
The majority of reports are consistent with reactions described in the vaccination’s product information such as fainting, gastrointestinal symptoms, malaise, headache, dizziness and injection site reactions, although there have been some reports describing persisting or chronic fatigue, the HPRA added).

HPRA…how independent is an organisation that is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical companies…Himm .. for justice to be done justice must be seen to be done.

(At their annual conference last month, the Teachers’ Union of Ireland called for a review of the HPV vaccine programme in schools.
But according to the health minister, there is no need for a review. The vaccine is safe, and doctors must do all they can to get that message out.)

Mr. Upstart at it again..Arrogance.

(“Doctors have an extremely important role in reassuring parents by providing clear and accurate information on the benefits of vaccination.)

And what about the adverse reactions …the non benefit side…talking up any product is negating his responsibilities to the families of our nation.

(“Let’s tell people — in no uncertain terms — that it is you, the doctors, who are the experts, and the people who are most trusted to know what is best for our people’s health and well-being, young and old.”)

If you believe and trust doctors implicitly that is your prerogative. But when I or my family have a problem it is you obligation under our agreement, AKA the 1937 constitution, to address my concerns in the way I see fit.

In a republic who gives you the right to deny me access to my hospitals, my testing labs and equipment, my staff?

Tell me his or her name so that I can bring them to court…

who gave the medical industry sole access to my health system?


Keep your medical religion, your belief to you self and your family, stop denying my family’s right to health and by forcing your beliefs on me and my family!!

The arrogance of the medical profession equals that of the hierarchy of the churches…and nears the arrogance of warmongers!…

In answer to my question at the top of the article….among all the parties quoted in this article..
The only people giving medical advice is the doctors…the bishops of the medical system!