It has ensured that elections change nothing.


By Collective Ireland

See the Bill?
(on how we’ve gone from dancing at the crossroads to being lead up the garden path)
Representatives of Fianna Fail have for 61 years already abused the power and privilege of government in their mismanagement of the state. Fine Gael and an Assortment of Treachery typified by Labour Party junior partnerships have mismanaged a collective 23 and counting.

This constant repetition of ineffective representation and gross mismanagement says as much about US as it does about THEM.

Next year we celebrate a pivotal moment in the school of thought that teaches us that this country is ruled by businessmen and the servants of businessmen, whose objectives are self promotion for profit and the advancement of those interests held by their peers and associates.
We have, as a nation, for generations given our consent by ballot to be governed by self publicists and the grubby hand of greed.
We have voted successive shambolic administrations into power.
We have forgotten that they rule only because we allow them to and we have been exposed as participants in our own oppression by the implied consent of our collective silence. Our failure to promote to public office individuals who will act for the good of the people is their greatest asset.
It has ensured that elections change nothing.
We have forgotten that we are the agents of change.
Change is anything other than a government dominated by Fianna Fail, Fine Gael or any coalition involving the already flirting Labour Party.
It will only ever be a change bound to and bound by a constitution that neither serves nor protects us, but it will most certainly be a change – something we haven’t experienced since The War of Independence.

If the Protest Movement has decided to address the system from the inside and through the instrument of a general election, then the only electoral strategy that benefits all is a complete disavowal of FF, FG and Labour at the ballot box.
This is a strategy that will empower whole communities to identify a clear line in the sand that signifies either a desire for change or support for the status quo. It will allow us to make informed political decisions.
How the Parties of The Left decide to exploit or profit from such a strategy is entirely their own business, but time spent in unity on the political destruction of FF and FG in particular will reap dividends for all involved far outweighing any time spent as separate entities pushing relatively similar agendas.

We the People have shown through cooperation and free association an impressive ability to concentrate on cause over affiliation. We have by both word and deed expressed a desire for change.
Maybe it’s time for the Parties of The Left to follow an example already set.

Our inactivity, and our inability to act in unanimity allows the government to prioritise political status and the lining of their own pockets at great cost to the nation.

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