Is NAMA being used to cancel their debts with taxpayers money?

Deirdre foley

If I go into a shop or a bank and rob it I would go to jail. But this woman Deirdre Foley closed Clery’s held onto all stock from the concessions that operate there didn’t pay them what they were due in May even though there was two million put aside from the previous owners to pay it.

Withheld the staffs pay and robbed customers who had paid in advance but they call this liquidation so it’s okay. I think I have to start liquidating…. She was also in NAMA so how suddenly had she the money to buy Clery’s?

Is NAMA  being used to cancel their debts with taxpayers money? If this happened in any other country there would be millions on the street protesting and the Government would be removed from office.

It’s time the citizens of Ireland stood up and stood together to campaign for a

Government of the people

For the people

By the people