Is Michael McNamara Labour party member hedging his bets ?

Michael McNamara Labour party

By Patrick Joseph O Toole

SO Did Michael McNamara  Labour party member aqquire a backbone or is he hedging his bets ?

I had my doubts when i heard him speaking on the Aer Lingus issue and said , maybe just maybe he has at last finally going to have a backbone . Then last night on the Vincent Browne show my doubts were answered in full and i asked myself why did i not see the writing on the wall much earlier ( i must be getting soft in my old age . )

Michael’s appearance was well organized and i thought that he sees the writing on the wall at last and is putting plan B into operation . LABOUR is dead in the water and he has come to terms with that.

Plan B was to be the odd man out in the party knowing all the rest were going to vote in favour of the government and sell off Aer Lingus. So looking and listening to last nights show Michael’s plan B is to go – INDEPENDENT – but he is -STILL – hedging his bets and playing the Co Clare people for idiots.

Labour or – Independent – the Clare people will not allow themselves to be fooled – TWICE – not from what i hear from all around the County of Clare . Michael’s PLAN B will not happen and is a dead duck just like – IRISH WATER AND THE LABOUR PARTY