Irish Water is the champion of all utilities maybe in Europe when it comes to giving away money


So we all know the story with Irish Water so far since its set up. When it comes to “wasting tax payers money” Irish Water is the champion of all utilities maybe in Europe when it comes to giving away your money in the shape of €86 million to so called professional consultants to advise on how to “Best” establish the company

Then of course they have spent over €500 million so far installing Water Meters , badly it has to be said most of the time, that’s if they have got past determined Water Protesters or if they haven’t been taken back out by some now very well organized and determined Water Fairies throughout the country, who refuse even under threat of prosecution to doing business with Denis O’Brien.

Then of course we have other costs endured by the tax payer that thanks to Catherine Murphy have come to public knowledge in the shape of write downs of over €100 million for a billionaire who was found to have paid a corrupt payment by Moriarty to a FG Minister.

Not wanting to spoil your weekend too much we will finish with the high profile stuff here by pointing to the totally inflated outrageous pay structure that John Tierney and his senior executives enjoy at Irish Water. With Tierney himself reported to be on over €200,000+ a year.

Right I am sure there is plenty more I could say about Irish Water and waste of huge amounts of your money. But now let’s look at the simple low profile stuff like sending out a bill. That any company to survive is the first thing that it has to get right.

Well after spending all that money mentioned above they managed to make a dog’s dinner of that in my case.

Of course you all know I didn’t register but they sent me “Not 1 but 2 Bills” both for different amounts to the same house under the same name with the same account number and for the same billing period.

But wait for it ???????
With two different amounts. I am starting to wonder that these guys might just self destruct all by themselves.


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