Irish Water Irelands Most hated and toxic brand


By Con O Domhnaill

There is no other brand name that is as toxic and universally hated by Irish people as IRISH WATER. Everything about this ill-conceived, hastily cobbled together, wasteful quango stinks and Fine Gael and Labour know it.

Mistake after mistake was made in setting it up because Phil Hogan thought his bullying would work as it did with the property/bondholder tax. But what is really making this the most hated company in Irish corporate history is the totally discredited water metering programme, ploughing ahead with obscene haste, leaving a trail of destruction, alienating communities up and down the country and taking up valuable Garda time.

There is no mandate for water tax or metering and Kenny and Burton know that. But because Denis O’Brien, our most famous tax evader has a lucrative contract the metering is at full swing. Kenny’s aim is to hold off a General Election as long as possible so that Dinny can make a few more hundreds of millions.

It won’t be long I suppose before 200K man Invisible John Tierney will call his beloved consultants to do a re-branding job on Irish Water. Shouldn’t cost too much – a new logo and a bit of PR … €10 MILLION I suppose!

Meanwhile Irish Water employees have to remove the hated logo from their vans (like this one in Kildare) when they go home for the weekend after forcing meters on a public that doesn’t want them.