Irish Water Grant of €100 is a once off grant, Its not Yearly

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Sinéad Stewart

So after a conversation with someone earlier today I realised something.
People are under the impression that the €100 water conservation grant is a yearly payout.
It is not.
It is a ONE OFF payment.
You may think it will only cost you €60 (for a single person household) but it’s important to know that in order to avail of this €100 attempted bribe you must first have paid your water charges bill, which is ACTUALLY STILL €160.
It’s still €160 because the payment of €100 is to be used ONLY towards water conservation methods at your home.

It is NOT to help towards paying your water charges!
You know how you can get a grant for home insulation?
It’s exactly the same.
You can’t use it for any other purpose than paying for water conservation at your home.
(Not that I’m against conserving water mind you, I’m a big fan of it actually.)
Nevertheless, water conservation methods will cost you hundreds if not thousands of euro so you’re either

a) Never going to get to claim the pitiful grant because you can’t afford the remainder of the bill to install conservation devices.
b) Going to have to fork out hundreds of euro more in order to install water conservation methods at your home so you can ‘beat the meter’.

This is a deception and is SPIN from Government, its like fishing put bait on the hook and see who bites..

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