Irish Judiciary Making Up The Rules As They Go, With New Laws ‘Invented’

Judges inventing rules


Press Release | Saturday 14th March 2015

The New Land League wishes to thank all it’s members and particularly our group of legal researchers who all worked for free and our International egal advisers in Germany and in the UK who gave of their time voluntarily.
At the heart of this case are legal principles that have to be defended as they effect every family home in the State.

New Laws have been ‘invented’ and introduced into the process by High Court Judges in the persecution of the O’Donnells by Bank of Ireland and the Receiver, in this case, Mr Tom Kavanagh of Kavanagh Fennell.

The Bank are not in legal possession of the O’Donnell home, as the law previously required, Before trespass applications could be made before a court.
Judge McGovern’s ruling has changed this. This means that every house in the country can now be taken by a Bank or Receiver without a Possession Order.

The Judge Kelly ‘Rule of Law’ – “You got the Money.”
This commonly used expression ‘You Got The Money’ is an Orbiter statement coined by Judge Kelly and repeated by Judge Brian McGovern and has managed to influence the whole Judiciary in support of the Banks against Homeowners
These Judges have refused to step aside (recuse themselves) when asked to do so by defendants in Bank and Receiver cases because of perceived personal conflicts.
These matters were raised in the Dáil on Thursday by Deputy Mattie McGrath TD,
who also issued a press statement on these conflicts.

The 22 Grounds of Appeal will resume on Thursday next in Court No 1 in the Four Courts before the new Court of Appeal.