Irelands first Irish Water worker to face criminal proceedings


A Supervisor, Yes a Supervisor from GMC Sierra (water meter installations)
Blatantly Attacked Me Physically and Verbally Placing me Under Duress and all because i Reciprocated in Video Recording That Person.
Gardaí have indicated they will be Charging / interviewing this Person which i cannot Name for Legal Reasons and who is Employed by GMC Sierra on the following Charges that i am claiming to have occurred in front of 17 +- Witnesses.
1) Common Assault
2) Common Assault causing Bodily Harm
3) Attempted Criminal Damage to Hide Evidence
4) Duress
Personal Comment:-
I was completely Shocked and Horrified that this is the Type of person that is Openly Allowed to wander in an out of our Housing Estates.
I noticed Some Residents of Waterford City are Allowing GMC Sierra (Strangers) into their Homes to use their Toilet Facilities.
These workers are Gaining Entry to our Property with the Assistance of An Garda Síochána and Dressed in such a Manner to HIDE their Facial Identity.
Our Resistance to Irish Water is Gradually Growing in Numbers as People are now Starting to see the light.

We Cannot do it All on our Own ,

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