Ireland – A Short History…

Ireland A Brief History
By Mag FhionnApril 1916 = Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

Dec. 1918 / Jan. 1919 = Irish Republic ratified by Irish people in last all Ireland election held.

January 1919 = Irish Republic is ratified / democratically established. Dáil Éireann is the legitimate Government of Ireland.

1919 – 1921 = The Irish Republic is suppressed by British Terror. The Government of Ireland is driven underground. Its right to exist is defended by I.R.A in warfare. The IRA is the Army of the Republic i.e. the legitimate armed forces of Ireland.

July 1921 = Britain calls Truce : Second Dáil convenes openly.

January 1922 = The Irish Republic is unlawfully usurped by recreant Irish men. A British treaty is imposed on Ireland. Ireland is Partitioned. Dáil Éireann is again driven underground and the IRA again defend it.

June 1922 = Michael Collins uses British Artillery to bombard the anti treaty IRA out of the Four Courts. Free State Soldiers start the Civil War. The I.R.A defend the Republic.

May 1923 = De’Valera as President of the Irish Republic orders the IRA to stand down stating the IRA can no longer defend the Republic through force of arms. The Free State had destroyed it.

1926 = De’Valera fails in an attempt to have Sinn Féin take seats in Leinster House. creates Fianna Fáil. By recognising Leinster House, Fianna Fáil have abandoned the Republic.

1934 = Republican Congress initiative.

December 1938 = The remaining TD’s of Dáil Éireann meet with the IRA. This meeting is a reconvening of the Second Dáil. They place the Authority of the Irish Republic in to the trust of the IRA Army Council. The Army Council are now the legitimate Government of the Irish Republic and must be until such times as an all Ireland election can be called to elect a new Government.

1941 = Operation S.

1942 – 1944 = I.R.A Northern Campaign.

1949 = IRA reaffirm allegiance to Irish Republic.

1956 – 1962 – 1963 = Operation Harvest.

1970 = At a Sinn Féin Ard Fhéis a vote is held on ending abstentionism. Abstentionism is the Sinn Féin Policy of abstaining from taking seats/recognising assemblies such as Leinster House or Stormont which are not the Republic and therefore undermine/Usurp the Republic.

Sinn Féin splits, those who accept other parliaments and betray the Republic are called Official Sinn Féin, those who remain Loyal to the Republic are called “Provisional Sinn Féin”.

Com.Gen Tom Maguire. the last surviving member of those present at the 1938 meeting of the Second Dáil which bestowed the authority of the Irish Republic onto the IRA army Council transfers that legitimacy unto the Army Council of PIRA.

1986 : At a Sinn Féin Ard Fhéis another vote is held on ending abstentionism.
Sinn Féin splits and this time those who accept other parliaments remain Provisional Sinn Féin, while those who remain Loyal to the Irish Republic are called “Republican Sinn Féin”.

Com.Gen Tom Maguire. bestows governmental authority of the Irish Republic on to the Army Council of the IRA owing Allegiance to the Republic the Continuity Army Council. CIRA. PIRA no longer recognise the Irish Republic.

1994. PIRA call Ceasefire.

1996. PIRA accept Mitchell Principles.

1997. PIRA Splits.

1998. GFA incorporated in to IRA strategy.

2001. Decommissioning begins.

2005. PIRA is no more.

2015. Its up to us now to try to achieve the dreams of the men of 1916 who paid the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives for that dream, for me, for you, for all on this small island, for a better future…