Ireland a country with massive potential


By Robbie Dunn
Ireland is one of the most fertile lands on earth has the potential to feed half the planet did you ever wonder why not?
A land full intelligent people world renowned artists gold and silver smiths musicians writers poets playwrights incredible trades people IT doctors nurses people who are sought worldwide for their specialists skills.
Vast resources oil and gas peat fisheries the list is endless, and the scenery is incredible breathtakingly beautiful.
On top of all that it is one of the oldest civilisations on the planet with the laws of physics carved upon the stones at Newgrange 5500 years old built before the pyramids of Egypt along with the hundreds of other ancient sites that dot the landscape with the cravings on the stones its Pantheism the ancient Irish belief system.
If ever a country was blessed with abundance and potential its Ireland so why is it a bankrupt land why do millions have to flee the country to this day?
Hundreds of years of oppression by the English the genocide of the 1800s 300000 sold as slaves throw in Catholic Church abuse beatings and paedophilia on top of which they backstabbed the Irish people at every turn.
Evictions and transportation to Australia and you start to get the picture one of the most abused races on earth.
We grew up as victims of this abuse when I was growing up in Dublin kids carried knives chains and hatchets even going to dances.
Violence was everywhere we all lived in fear and that’s what the Irish police force have come from our lying politicians the crooks of so called business men they are all products of a violent past they don’t know any different except to lie cheat steal and be violent, and this is how Ireland is in the mess it’s in today.
Throw in massive alcohol and drug abuse and we have a totally dysfunctional society.
It could be all so different Ireland has the potential to be one of the wealthiest countries on Earth and when I say wealthy I mean to fulfil our potential as a race and make the world a better place. All is see in the politicians faces is lies and fear the same with the Gardai you can smell and see their fear all victims of abuse why else would you want to beat people up or learn how to spray pepper in a person’s eyes what sort of twisted minds justify this or the people who ordered them to do it.
The Judges along with the Army Brass and the Gardai are all political appointees have led to massive corruption and cronyism.
Fianna Fail and Fianna Gael have engaged in the depopulation of Ireland since the foundation of the state the jobs went to their family’s friends and cronies. Murders paedophilia and crime was all covered up even to this day. People emigrated because there was no hope the politicians and their friends wanted all the cream.
Now we have mass evictions by the banks and they stand by as does the so called President it is criminal what is going on.
They get their big pay outs and pensions and sit on the fat arses while the country is sold out from under the Irish people.
The newspapers TV and radio their guilt is omission they do not print the true stories only what they want people to hear, but most people in Ireland now know the Media in Ireland is owned by the very people who are destroying the country.
They just make up the news as they go along and like the courts that ignore the laws of the land and EU.
It’s a sickness of the mind and Ireland needs to heal
We need to change as a society stop beating ourselves up greed is another form of fear Irish people used to share it’s in our custom to do so we have lost our way we have lost the village and now they want to steal the water from the village pump put it in a plastic pipe and sell it to us in a land where it rains over two hundred days a year greed is a sickness.
In a land with so much potential and so much talent we need a whole new system of government because what we have been doing does not work.
Change is on the way it just takes time and honesty the Judges Gardai and army need to be appointed by the people 3 year terms for the governments no super pensions or salaries for politicians or civil servants they get the same as anyone else. They must drive their own cars no Limos no expenses accounts no 5 star hotels and turn the mansion in the park into a hostel for the homeless.