In the case of rateable value and the case being struck

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After last weeks high court ruling stating the rateable value of the dwelling was not legal to take home owners into the district courts.
This has raised many questions, Like were home’s taken illegally, (most probably) and who is guilty?
Is it the Sherrif/Registrar they had to have known it was illegal right.
Perhaps it was the banks solicitors who advised the banks in their action, or was it the person in the bank who swore the affifdavid.
Could it be the County Councils are responciple, after all they gave the rateable values to the solicitors.
So who do the home owners sue, or should they just take cases against everyone involved in their personal capaticity ?.

It’s a difficult call, do you counter claim and strike or do you strike and issue a Plenary, High Court action, after all the punitive damages you will be going for would be outside the Circuit Court ceiling of €75 K.

Hmm: Circuit or High?

Another question, do you sue the deponent personally for damages on a separate level, the way we see it; they have knowingly sworn an Affidavit in, on an ad hoc non-statutory document.

Maybe the deponents for the Bank may wish to think twice when they are sat at a desk and told “sign that”.

Any whistle blowers welcome.

Hum; hold on here a minuet; is the solicitor not an Officer of the Courts: do you not sue them for misleading the Circuit Court? “using and ad hoc non-statutory process which is devoid of legal effect, for the purpose of persuading the Court that it has a Jurisdiction, which it does not in fact enjoy”.

So hold on here: it is the solicitor that controls the court paperwork and advices their client, so the solicitor is the one at fault.

We always ask the solicitor “Having studied the case to have the ability to advice your client on the correct procedure, manner and course of the case and now being full conversed with the case at hand; do you stand-over the actions of the bank to date, with regards to their case and their actions”.
We have always been ignored, maybe from now on the solicitor may want to think about answering this one. it would seem the Officer of the Courts would be the easiest to sue for damages in the whole fracas, deservedly so.

The banks henchmen, did they put in ad hoc paperwork? Just a question.
Fitzpatrick & Co. Ivor / Ward & Co. Hugh J / Beauchamps Solicitors / Joynt & Crawford / Woods Hogan & Co / Eversheds / Lavelle Coleman / Mason Hayes & Curran / Ronan Daly Jermyn / Best & Co / Galvin & Son Barry Co / Keating & Keogh / O’flynn Exhams & Partners.
You need to look to your laurels.

I think this post should be shared but who wants to go and email of all the above henchmen, ask them the question: did you?

The pain, suffering, heartache, family destruction, medicated drug addiction, self harm: caused by the actions of the Officer of the Courts, with full knowledge of the erroneous paperwork they, yep they put into the Courts to persuade the Circuit Court that they in fact had jurisdiction.

What about the thousand that have actually lost their homes; we have people coming in that had a possession order and have lost their home, some 5 years ago! Feck: that’s some lawsuit or what: what is the ruination of my life worth on a monitory level?

If I were any of the above described I’d be very worried as lawsuits will most certainily follow.