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A poem by Eanna O Muir, after our president signed the water bill act 2014 into legislation.
You may have been bought by the highest bidder
You can never however kid a kidder!
I won’t stand idly by.
You our number one resident
May ever no longer claim to be our President.
I’ll never stand idly by.
You’ve betrayed the people of this fair land
You’ve taken the dirty greedy hand.
I will not stand idly by.
How dare you even refuse to listen
As people on streets are hungry and missing.
Well I refuse to stand idly by.
President and Taoiseach, Tanaiste all
I wish a Poets wrath til you fall.
I will not ever stand idly by.
You now mean nothing to me.
I refuse to ever recognize thee.
For I’ll not stand idly by.
To watch OUR Country sold by Traitors
We know full well ye’re all on retainers.
I’ll never stand idly by.
So a poet Mr President you claim to be
Well Shame on you, that comes from me.
We The People Of Ireland Will Not Stand Idly By.
Eanna O’Muiri,