By Johnny Mc

Dear sir,
I am writing to you as a concerned council tenant. I have recently received a letter, from Meath Co Council, informing me that they will be passing on my personal details, my name and address to Irish Water. I am very concerned about this as I do not wish to become a customer of this private company (Registered company number 530363) and I do not consent to any of my personal information to be passed on to Irish Water under any circumstances, please acknowledge this as my formal receipt of non-consent. As section 2 (1) (a) (i) & (ii) of the Data Protection Act 1998 states that ”The data shall be processed fairly”, (a)(i) ”should be kept only for one or more reasons”, and (a)(ii) ”shall not be used or disclosed in any matter incompatible with that purpose or those purposes”. I understand that Irish Water have tried to justify their right to this information by quoting the Water Services Act 2013: section 26 (3) ”a relevant person shall comply with a request under this section” I find this completely unjust and is attempting to forcefully extract personal information from county councils about their council tenants which is entrusted to them by said tenants to be kept safely. I insist that you not include my information, as it will lead to Irish Water using my personal information inappropriately by contacting me with bills, estimates, application packs etc, of which I want no part of and of which Irish Water have no business sending to me as a private company as again, I am not a customer and do not want to be.
I demand that Meath Co Council Council refuse the request made by Irish Water as I do not give my consent to my personal information being passed on. To date Irish Water has sent out application packs to tenants of houses around the country offering their services and the option to become a customer. They now seem to be having trouble with the amount of customers they have signed up voluntarily and are now seeking to force people into custom with them. This should be the option of any given person and on that basis I refuse to be a customer and do not consent for my information to be passed on so that they can assume my custom.
As stated in the Data Protection Acts 1998 & 2003 I will exercise my right to :
”4. (1) (a)(i) be informed by the data controller whether the data processed by or on behalf of the data controller include personal data relating to the individual, (ii) be supplied by the data controller with a description of (I) the categories of data being processed by or on behalf of the data controller, (II)`the personal data constituting the data of which that individual is the data,
Subject (lll) the purpose of the processing, and (iv) the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data are or may be disclosed,”
I ask for this information to be furnished to me as soon as possible and not after the 40 days allowed by these acts.