If there’s an obvious problem, get it sorted! If your oven is broken, get it fixed!



By John Fairclough 

If we can all see the common enemy, then why are we not uniting to eliminate this common enemy? If there’s an obvious problem, get it sorted! If your oven is broken, get it fixed!

Then worry about whether you cook roast beef, pizza or vegetarian. If the oven is broke, nothing can be made.

The Irish people have suffered 100 years of civil war politics, in other words ” 100 years of we are more Irish than you” but at the same time we will enrich ourselves at your expense.

Left Wing politics may not work, but it’s fair to say that Right Wing politics have never enriched our land, so let’s give it a chance! Unite behind the Right2Change movement, and, hopefully, at last give our population something to be excited for.

Do we want an Ireland where money is king, if you can’t afford a doctor then, tough! If you can’t afford a home, then tough! “You haven’t got a job? You’re a waster, and a drain on resources” Or do we want an Ireland where we look after and support our most vulnerable?

Where everybody has access to a doctor, medical and dental services. Where a home is considered a right, and not a luxury. We are not asking for swimming pools, cosmetic surgery on demand, access to a 49ft yacht !

We want a decent standard of living for everyone living in our country. One where we don’t have to fear the Postman delivering bills. Yes, bills need to be paid, but not to the detriment of ones health. I can only eat 1 breakfast , 1 lunch and 1 dinner. After that, I need somewhere to live.

Everything else is a luxury. I don’t have a problem with anybody having 3-5 holidays a year, a big house and a fabulous car, especially if they earned it. But why should it be at my, or anybody else’s, expense. It’s a huge cake, there’s enough for everybody, provided nobody gets greedy!