Enda & Michelle

By Liam Deegan

Michelle Mulherin Fine Gael TD for Mayo has now called for a Skype type system to be set up in Dail Eireann. Ms Mulherin says it would be a great idea so as to avoid future controversies over expensive telephone bills clocked up by politicians.

Has Ms Mulherin not learned anything from her roasting or is she playing thick in order to garner more sympathy? Does Ms Mulherin not already claim expenses for her mobile phone and her constituency office phones so why then is she asking for another way of contacting her loved ones and friends at our expense?

Politicians in this country are amongst the best paid people so what is it with them when they keep digging into our pockets time after time? It’s is like being on the end of long line of muggers, each holding a gun to our heads and just taking whatever they want from our ever diminishing wallets. Ms Mulherin must think we are complete fools if we can’t recognise her game.

What is also a cause for concern is that Ms Mulherin has asked Sean Barrett the Ceann Comhairle to “investigate” into the matter of her phone calls. My heart sinks when I read things like that as you just know that like the tribunals that has cost us millions, this will go nowhere and eventually be put to bed by Kenny and the Fine Gael spinmasters.

What other country allows the sheriff to investigate the deputies, the Gardai to investigate the Gardai and the law society to investigate the solicitors? No other civilised and democratic country will allow that to happen but our system does. I am well aware that it has always been the way but that will never allow for it to be right and just.

Sean Barrett should refer her case to An Garda Siochana for a very simple reason. If you or I did the same thing to our employer, the social welfare system or the Revenue, then you would find yourself in a whole pile of trouble one way or the other because if it isn’t theft then it’s intent to defraud. Because Ms Mulherin was caught red handed doesn’t mean she should walk without penalty… She is a solicitor after all!

What are you waiting For Mr Barrett?