By The Kerryman

Re – TD’s Travel and Accommodation Allowance. (TAA)

Strange as it may seen, but i have every confidence in the integrity of ALL our TD’s, and there’s no way i would ever suggest any of them would succumb to the very easy temptation they face everyday.
You see, the way it works is this. Every TD is entitled to a Travel and Accommodation allowance. The amount that each TD receives depends on how far their declared normal place of residence (there family home) is from Leinster House, Kildare St..

So lets take one TD just as an example to show you how it works.

Take for instance, Fine Gael TD Marcella Corcoran Kennedy,
A lady of the highest moral standards and integrity.

Marcella is based in Birr County Offaly…And for Travel and Accommodation purposes that comes under ‘Band 4’ which is a
distance of 140km from Kildare St…

Now because Marcella lives 140 Km from Kildare St.
She is entitled to receive OVER TWENTY NINE THOUSAND EURO PER YEAR (€29,669) just to cover her petrol/diesel costs and her accommodation if she stays overnight in Dublin.

AA Route Planner: Birr to Kildare St = Time: 1 hr 44 min..Distance: 140.69 Km..Round trip Fuel Cost: €41.88
The average price of a hotel room in Dublin in 2014 was €103 in the hotels.com Hotel Price Index (HPI).

So for one round trip and one nights Accommodation = €145.

But for Marcella to receive the full payment of Travel and Allowance, like all TD’s, she must first ‘clock in” to Leinster House a minimum of 120 days ANNUALLY, Yes folks, you read that right, ONLY ‘clock in’ 120 DAYS out of 365 days of the year.

But here’s the catch, you see the Dail DOESN’T even have to be sitting to ‘clock in’, even when the Dail is on HOLIDAYS they can clock in. Once Leinster House is open, any TD can nip in for a few mins and register. It DOESN’T matter what time day or night, once they can gain access to Leinster House, they are allow to clock in and it’s registered as a days attendance.

NOW ONE CANT HELP THINKING, if it happened that ANY TD was in Dublin, maybe doing a bit of shopping, or maybe bringing the kids to a concert, or just up visiting friends. WHAT is to stop them from nipping over to Leinster House, clocking in, and then head off shopping for the rest of the day, go for a few drinks, stay in a hotel for the night, and they CAN STILL CLAIM their Travel and Accommodation allowance.
Now we here in Ireland are so lucky that we can rest assure NONE of our TD’s would stoop so low. And that ALL of them are of the highest moral standard and Integrity.
Have a nice day, Ha ha.
The Kerryman.