I am not a leader


Enda Kenny has once again shown the people of Ireland he is not our leader, in fact he is not anyone’s leader. Well except for the fascists whithin Fine Gael. They elected him their leader. But then again it tells another story about Fine Gael. If this is the best you have. God help you
This Gormless, greedy self serving parasite has a habit of going numb at the mouth when his voice is needed most.

We were in the midst of a constitutional crisis and Enda the School teacher Kenny was no where to be found.

People were calling for the Dail to be recalled. And yet Enda was no where to be seen.

One man was able to silence every media out let ( Except for Broadsheet.ie) in the country and Enda Kenny seen nothing wrong with this.

Catherine Murphy TD has fought tooth and nail to bring this story to the people because no one else would. She has been demonized and called many things and where was the Government and Mr Kenny ? Hiding.

It is time to once again ask questions of those within Fine Gael.
Every time Fine Gael & Denis O`Briens names come together, there always seems to be a story about Money.

FINE GAEL government , DigiCell , Denis O`Brien now we
FINE GAEL government Siteserve, Denis O`Brien

In any other country in the world Denis O`Brien would not be allowed any Government contracts, Yet under Fine Gael he seems to win them all. Who has been bought off ?

Enda Kenny time for you to go !