How To Stop Dis-honest TDs And Councillors Being Elected Or Re-elected

Vote for me

So there’s an election coming and all the current TDs who sat in the previous Oireachtas are hitting the road on their 5 year pilgrimage to gather support and get those vital votes which will see them comfortable for the next 5 years.

What should the public be doing? After all these TDs  have participated in an elected dictatorship for the last number of years as the elected government or in opposition.

What have these TDs, Councillors and Senators achieved during their tenure in Leinster House be it the Dáil or the Seanad or at Local Government level. What difference have these representatives made to enhance YOUR life and that of your family.

These are the QUESTIONS you should be asking.

What promises did they make the last time they stood on your doorstep ? Did they deliver on these promises ? If re-elected can they be believed to deliver on the promises they now make on your doorstep. Remember these people are now unemployed and are seeking YOUR vote YOUR support in order to gain employment again.

Its up to the people in each constituency, gather information on all Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour, Sinn Féin, Socialist and Independent sitting TDS. This information can be obtained by visiting and

Check out what cuts they voted for,

What they drew in expenses,

What unpopular legislation they implemented.

Do you really want more of the same, If you don’t

Then organise and list this information on a leaflet and distribute throughout each sitting TDs constituency. This ensures the electorate are making informed decisions when voting for the the people who claim to represent them.

Example Simon Coveney and all Fine Gael TDs voted for eviction, broke their mandate, voted for Health cuts, voted for Austerity, voted to continue paying bondholders at your expense I may add.

Simon is also the undemocratic WHIP..whereby he imposes the will of a few at the top on all other elected party representatives, I can’t see where the democracy is in that. Can you?


Example Joanne Tuffy came to your doors saying it Labours way or Frankfurt’s way.. It was Frankfurt’s way because the Labour party didn’t even ask for the election promise they sold to the people. There wasn’t any austerity in Joanne’s house plus joanne was accused of neoplasm when she appointed her fiance to a position within her office without advertising the position which is the required procedure.

Example Barry Cowen of Fianna Fáil while not in power, but Barry has claimed well over 500K in expenses and wages since being elected and his vote in the Dail has made absolutely no difference he actually voted against removing fluoride from the water.. So why re-elect him. So why elect TDs who only want to feather their own nests. There wasnt any austerity in Barry’s house let me assure you

If you feel these TDs did break their promises, when they come to do the walk around follow them at a distance of 50 Yards with a mega phone and list aloud what they achieved last time they got elected

THIS is the one of the very few ways to democratically remove parties who do not fulfill their contract to the people from power..


Its called Anti Election Campaigning and it could be new for the next election

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power