How to get a powerful and influential paedophile off the hook


2004 : The trial of the Circuit Court judge Brian Curtin on charges of possessing child pornography has collapsed.

Judge Curtin has been found not guilty by direction of the trial judge Carroll Moran. The accused had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Judge Moran found that gardaí raided Mr Curtin’s home after the search warrant had expired. He said the State had to have been aware that the warrant had expired.

So how do you get a powerful and influential paedophile off the hook and have him walk free from court after being charged with possession of images of under-age children being sexually abused ?

Answer – Get the Garda (Irish Police) to serve a search warrant in a manner, which will give the presiding judge the excuse to throw the case out of court on a legal “technicality”! Thus a potentially dangerous paedophile need not face the difficult questions in an open court!

I wonder if I am the only person who can see what has more than likely taken place in the case of Judge Curtain, who was caught in possession of images of children being abused!

Is this scenario not the correct one?

When a wealthy and influential Irish person is accused of a crime and a date is set when he or she will appear in court on the charges, elitist hidden societies who can call upon persons within all of the institutions of the Irish State, especially the Garda and the judiciary, to pull together and set events in motion that will eventually end up in the case being thrown out of court on the basis of a legal technicality! And as in the Judge Curtain case, he is deemed innocent of all the charges, which were brought against him!

This would not be allowed in a Banana Republic but it regularly takes place in Ireland! …….