How the Blue Shirts managed to get the unemployment figures below 10%.


By Scrap the TV licence or scrap RTE
Step 1; Force 500,000 people to immigrate. (approximately 12% of the entire population.)

Step 2; Take nearly another 90,000 off the live register and put them on course’s.

Step 3; Create not just one but TWO slave labour schemes. JobsBridge was paying people too much by given people €50 a week for 39 hours work. So they dreamed up a new scheme called Tús…. which pays people even less.

At least with JobsBridge a small number of people gained some relevant work experience in career’s they wanted to pursue. Tús is nothing but 100% exploitation and doesn’t even pretend to be anything else

Once this is all accomplished, sit back and talk out of your arse about an “economic recovery”.

While the homeless figure’s are at record high, the health system is in utter chaos, there are mass demonstrations against water charges, home repossessions are at a record high, 30,000 mortgages in Ireland are 2 years or more in arrears, there is a 16 year waiting list for social housing in some area’s of the country and 1 in 5 children in Ireland go hungry on a daily basis.

Then moan and complain and say that you don’t get enough credit for the aforementioned “economic recovery”.

But as long as Dinny O’Brien is being looked after, things are grand.