By Liam Deegan

Not wanting to take away from the small but glorious victory in the high court yesterday but Irish Water appears to be playing a game of corporate hide and seek with us. Irish Water have a company limited by shares but appear to have no tax clearance certificate for that company (they won’t supply a copy) however they do have a business name registered to the IFSC in Dublin Docklands that does have a tax clearance certificate.

According to the Companies Registration Office, Irish Water Limited is registered to a building owned by Denis O’Brien in Talbot Street, Dublin which as most people know is the headquarters of the Irish Independent newspapers. I was trying to confirm this anomaly along with a few more little anomalies that have cropped up around Irish Water but they are refusing to talk to me now and won’t exchange any further correspondence.

Here is a sample of the questions that I asked their media handlers to explain and having given them adequate time (one month) to respond to a media request for information… Nothing, absolutely nothing. Initially the handlers were all love and light and then BAM the curtain comes down when the questions were posed to them.

“Hi again [redacted],

Apologies for all the questions but I am a little confused regarding the tax status of Irish Water Ltd and what appears to be a business name also called Irish Water.

1.) According to the Revenue Commissioners, Irish Water was registered to a building at Harbour master Place in the IFSC rather than Colvill House in Talbot Street, Dublin 1 which is where the CRO have them registered. Their tax clearance certificate does not show them as a limited liability company on the certificate as is the normal practice on all tax clearance certificates unless it is a business name in which no (Ltd) is displayed.

2.) Is there a 2nd tax clearance certificate in operation elsewhere and if so why is it needed? Why would a business name require a tax clearance certificate if the primary name (Irish Water Ltd) already has a tax clearance certificate as would likely be the case?

3.) As before, the tax clearance certificate shows Irish Water registered to the premises at the IFSC rather than Colvill House therefore can you explain the anomalies in this case and in whose offices is the tax clearance certificate registered too?

4.) There is the curious case of another Irish Water registered on the 11the July 2012 to the following address, which already owns the business name Irish Water and preceded the registration of Irish Water by as registered by its parent company by almost one year. Details are set out below.

CRO No: 471175

Can you kindly explain the anomaly and whether it is an entity owned by Irish Water or its parent company?

I look forward to hearing from you in due course

Kind Regards


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