How long before the food supply runs out or supply lines break

Empty shelves
How heavily is Ireland dependent on imported food supplies? Yes from CSO figures we exported more food than we imported, But here’s the question what type of food was exported, because its been many years since I have seen real food (vegetables growing in abundance) in Irish fields. Yes there little plots here and there, but its not an agri-industry that could feed a nation of 4.9 million people on a daily basis, most fruit and vegetables are imported from countries now declaring National Emergencies.
How much food will it take to feed 4.9 million people for a year should supply lines break? This is a decision that will be completely out of the control of the Irish State interim government. How long will it take to grow enough food to feed the nation daily, 4.9 million mouths is a lot to feed in a country that grows very little food for human consumption.
If Ireland started growing food today it would be June or July before any food would be ready for the table. Can the Irish State interim Government guarantee supply lines won’t break.
Two of the countries that supply food to this country have declared National Emergencies, France and Germany are about a week to 10 days behind Italy and Spain, with the Netherlands numbers growing along with the UK’s who appear to be bout a week behind the others worse of nations.
Now Ireland does grow a lot of beef, or rather Larry Goodman’s beef cartel grows a lot of beef so perhaps we can live on cattle. so if one bullock will feed approximately 900 people,  how many bullocks will it take to feed 4.9 million people on a daily basis until other food sources are secured?

These are figures from the CSO for 2017.

“In 2017, Ireland imported over 72,000 tonnes of potatoes, 62,000 tonnes of cheese, 72,000 tonnes of fish and shellfish and almost 70 million liters of water. In addition, almost 10,000 tonnes of tea and over 21,000 tonnes of coffee were imported in the year.
In 2017, €7.7 billion of Food and beverages were imported, an increase of almost €500 million on 2016, and an increase of €1.5 billion, or 24% when compared with 2012.
Ireland exported €12.3 billion of Food and beverages in 2017, giving a surplus in this sector of €4.6 billion. Exports of Food and beverages have increased by 38% between 2012 and 2017.
The United Kingdom is both our biggest export and import partner for Food and beverages. In 2017, Ireland exported almost €4.6 billion of Food and beverages to the UK, and imported €3.7 billion.
The USA is the next biggest export partner of Food and beverages, with just over €1 billion of exports in 2017. This has more than doubled since 2012, when €440 million of exports of Food and beverages was exported to the USA”
Lets not panic
But lets not panic here are some figures to wrap your head around. 17,766 have tested positive in Italy as of today. That is an extremely small percentage of people in relation to the size of the population. 17,766 dived by 60 million is 0.0002961% of the population have been infected, but lots of them will recover too. So the death percentage is obviously much lower. However it will be interesting to see if Governments can keep this contained.
Lets look at Ireland, There are a total of 119 people on the island of Ireland today, what percentage of the population does that equate to? 119 divided by 6.8 million on the Island = 0.0000175 of the population are infected according to sources from Department of Health and HSCNI (Northern Ireland Care Services).
So lets not panic yet! everything is grand, But the Interim Government need to make decisions fast about the nations food supply. If Ireland started growing food today! supplies would be ready in June July and every month after that till early next year..