How do We The People ensure the General Election won’t be rigged?

polling stations

Yesterday I was in Castlepollard at a people’s forum and one of the topics that came up was how do voters AVOID transfering votes to candiates they dont want elected. Are there online videos instructing the electorate how the voting system works, (if there’s not, there should be).

Proper identification in the polling stations,

It shouldnt be enough for someone to turn up with a polling card and vote without verifing they are the actual person named on the card. During the local elections I can say with 100% truthfulness that lots of people voted with other people’s polling cards. While I didnt get a polling card when I arrived at the polling station my vote had been cast. I am still awaiting an explanation for this 2 years later.

Other issue’s were ballot box security,

After a quick vote it was very clear the people DO NOT trust the Government, the Garda or any private security companies to secure the ballot boxes after polling stations close.

Count Centers

The next issue was the count centers, How can the people be sure the counters are not fixing the vote by adding or removing ballots?

Returning Officer

Most people are also not aware of the returning officers role.

One way would be to introduce Electronic Voting whereby voters must identify themselves with picture ID before being allowed to continue to the voting machine, Once there, they must key in their PPS number along with their date of birth. If these dont match they dont get to vote, Simple

It also eliminates any cheating at the counting centers as all the count results could be completed 15 minutes after the polling stations close. This eliminates the need for security.

This process could be overseen by an international group from somewhere nuetral like Iceland where democracy is allowed to flourish.

I for one dont trust the voting system in this country, Its going to be very interesting to find out how many DEAD people vote in the next election. This is a tradition paracticed by all the main parties as they keep telling us every vote counts.

How can we put a system inplace to avoid all of the above.. Suggestions below please.