Homes have no place in a court room,


By The Hub Ireland

Homes have no place in a court room, and they definitely have no place on a list so that some person can decide how long of a ‘Stay’ a family gets… But thanks to our government..this is the case…

We now know that Irish Water need 3.5 Billion extra. In the press they use millions, billions and trillions in a very matter fo fact way, so as we don’t get too alarmed. So let’s translate Millions, Trillions and Billions into time, so we can really get our head around how badly this has been calculated:

1 million seconds = 12 days ago
1 billion seconds = 31 years ago
1 trillion seconds = 30,000 B.C.

I know we havent seen any figures in ireland yet in relation to Trillions. But when we put this into perspective look at his much time 3.5 Billion is actually and how could this kind of mistake be made?

In 2012 our national debt was 192.47 Billion! Our government and banks put Ireland in Debt by 5,966 Years!

Takes a lot of mistakes for that too happen..and they are still in government..time for them to go.. time for our homes to be left alone, for Europe to stop calling the shots, for the people struggling the most in our society to be helped and not treated in such a hostile way.

I am thinking all these guys and women in power are forgetting there are children at risk here, actually they are not, they know…

But Irish people, we are known as a nation, that are very friendly and really care, and that is still the majority of us.

We do care, no matter how many letters you have after your name…Homes are the holy grail of our society, they aren’t up for auction…and just because you sign a piece of paper in front of us, and sign off on our family home repossession order…for all of us at the Hub its not the end, its only the beginning.

The military do not start wars, politicians start wars, and we are going to have peace, even if we have to fight for it…