Homeless man suspended from his job after threat from Drogheda Councillor


By Anthony Connor

It’s very dissapointing to learn that Drogheda man Martin Reilly has been suspended from his only source of income as a tour guide for protesting, we learned of this last week Said Anthony Connor Direct Democracy Ireland General Secretary and are not surprised to hear Martins claims that it is was a sitting Drogheda Councillor that insisted he be suspended.

Homeless aid Manager Maureen Ward suspended Martin on the word of a councillor which in our eyes was unprofessional and is a complete breakdown of due process, but more shocking was the factMaureen Ward would not make a comment on the issue.

The right to peaceful assembly is our constitutional right and we must protect that. Mayor Kevin Callan should release a statement calling for Martin to be reinstated to his job. And the Drogheda Civic Trust should intervene and insist on Martin getting his job back. Its a very sad day for Democracy when a Drogheda Councillor has that power to have people removed from their jobs.

What do they think they are? “Self Appointed Gods”

Maureen Ward seems to be enjoying her bank holiday weekend Regardless to the fact she unfairly suspended Martin Reilly for attending a council meeting which any member of the public is welcome to do.

This unfair treatment towards Martin will not go unnoticed and will hopefully result in Mrs Ward thinking and acting in a more responsible and informed maner before acting.

Labour Law was written into law to protect all employees not just the ones who are members of trade but for everyone to use as a shield against corruption and incompetent employers try to abuse employees or ignore the law

maureen ward

Write to  info@louthcoco.ie to protest this disgusting behavior by elected county councillors.