By Liam Deegan

Knowing what we know about the deal that saw Denis O’Brien buy Siteserv and who the main players were, it is a matter of public interest that this government call a halt to the remainder of the water meter installation contract that GMC Sierra “illegally were awarded”.

I don’t say that lightly as I am well aware of the consequences for everyone involved from the Taoiseach down to the installers themselves. I don’t want anyone going off the head because it might look like I feel sorry for them… You can be assured that I feel the very opposite!

What we have here is a clear case of insider dealing or corruption if you like, that saw Denis O’Brien being given information prior to the contract being awarded and this goes back as far as early 2009 before the present government took office. Fine Gael leadership were very well acquainted with what (the Fianna Fail led government) were told to do by the EU in advance of their subsequent win at the polls in 2011 hence they published their intentions to introduce water charges in their 2011 election manifesto.

It was no accident that Denis O’Brien was briefed by senior members of the Fine Gael party including Phil Hogan about the contract, hence the subsequent purchase of Siteserv and ultimately the setting up of GMC Sierra Ltd. There was never going to be any other outcome other than Siteserv / GMC Sierra being awarded the contract however they made a simple mistake that will ultimately cost each and everyone all the way from the government down to the solicitors and accountants who were involved.

Someone forget to organise the tax clearance certificate for the tender…

One simple discovery has led to a scattering of feathers as the chicken coop is runs for cover and has left them blaming each other for letting the fox in. No tax clearance certificate equals no contract but yet Siteserv / GMC Sierra were miraculously awarded the metering contract. There was also the matter of the company being formed less than two weeks before the awarding of the metering contract, again casting serious doubt on the whole tendering process and its awarding to the Denis O’Brien owned companies.

To put it in context yet again, Siteserv was sold for a huge loss with the help of insider dealing perpetrated by bankers, businessmen and politicians. GMC Sierra were the recipients of a contract that was an act of corruption and therefore it is in the interests of this government to rescind the contract before it is too late. People feel aggrieved at the way this country is being run in favour of the same circle of friends and rightly so.

One more thing to consider by the powers that be… You seriously underestimated the power of social media and people’s ability to bring information into the spotlight that didn’t involve billionaire owned media outlets.

I would call that …Outmaneuvered by the little people!