Here’s to Saturdays Protest March #Right2Water

Protest March saturday March 21st

By Collective Ireland

Right now, your government is trying to convince enough of your neighbours that you’ve already lost. Right now, your government thinks it can buy the commitment you’ve so far shown with a cheap, divisive compromise.
Right now there are people in our communities falling for this jaded, blatant attempt at trickery.

Years of austerity budgets have eroded our communities. The programme of austerity that was introduced to pay for a mess not of our making has not just been oppressive; it’s been divisive, turning worker against worker and neighbour against neighbour.
The government has learned to keep us apart, but now, as a nation we must stand together.
We should thank Irish Water for focusing our anger. We should thank Irish Water for giving us this chance to unite. Through the establishment of Irish Water, this government has made the mistake of allowing us an opportunity to organise as a nation.
Do not falter now. It will never happen again.
As sole owners of the nation, we the people of Ireland have a duty to protect our country from this government and this attack.
We have a responsibility to educate and inform those in our communities who still do not know that the road to Irish Water has been a long one.
Tell them why and how austerity works.
Tell them why YOU protest.
Tell them what YOU have learned.

Tell them why we will never go away.

See you all on Saturday.