Greece will see benefits of default in only a year

Troika go to hell

By Finbar Markey

Heuston, have we a problem?

Numerous economists have said that it will take Greece a year or so before it’s economy stabilises and they begin seeing the benefits of default and leaving the Euro…. in the meantime they are going to get a thrashing.

Our cronies Noonan, Edna (no mistake) and pals are egging on the public trashing of Greece.


Because there’s an election coming in Ireland and they want to point to bleeding Greece as an example to the native pagans in Ireland.

No doubt the media will, with strings of saliva dripping from their camera lenses, make Greece out to be a devastated land rather than a nation rising in success from the ashes of one of the greatest battle of wits since WWII.

Let’s hope the majority in Ireland see the choreography of events and their true meaning.

We wish the Greeks well,