Greece to be flogged by the markets???

Greece to be flogged

By Dr Finbar Markey

“Whilst most people with any sense of economic proportion and moral conscience are eagerly anticipating the victory of a left government in Greece, a word of caution is needed. It is quite likely that if and when such a government is elected the “markets”, the ECB, the IMF and every other abbreviated bastard of corporate democracy will do everything in their power to destabilise Greece as a lesson to other “developed” countries.

It is quite likely that the gaunt, half-starved heroine figure of Greece will be taken to the Squares of Frankfurt and Brussels, to be flogged to within an inch of her life, every EU Citizen coerced into witnessing the spectacle.

The ghostly post-war yells of joyous liberation, democracy and freedom that was once smothered by the post war alliance can again be heard on the streets of Athens. Greece has been at this juncture before having  opted after world war two for what was considered at the time by the “Alliance” an “extremist” left government. An American/British supported right wing militia toppled it after a bitter civil war, inserting into government a military Junta between 1967-74. Greece is not a stranger to interference from right-wing “Western” government.

Whether it’s impoverished Latin American countries seeking to feed their poor, Australians seeking a more transparent government (the destabilisation and collapse of the Whitlam Government in 1975), or modern day Greece, you can be damned sure when the people vote in their own interests, the cuddly western conglomerate bear will show its teeth and claws.

I wish the people of Greece the best of luck in being the first of many to say “no more”. As we stand in the squares of Franfurt, Brussels and Washington watching each lash to her pearl white body, we shall listen to every stifled utterance of pain but we will not be diverted from her path as we whisper “Greece we shall avenge you”….