Government failing to stop the implosion of OUR health service

Kenny and varardkar

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Leo Varadkar have failed miserably in their main objective to stop the implosion of our public health service,

A  Cabinet reshuffle was announced in the budget and its main objective was to stop the “a complete breakdown ” of the health system, It hasn’t happened and didn’t work.

New Health Minister Dr Leo Varadkar says he will deliver a complete change in policy, So where is it ? Miami

According to government estimates 2015 will have the same level of spending as 2014 where essential services were cut and slashed to the detriment of patients. So it looks no change there, (No money for sick people but money for bondholders)

Recently we were told the health system was getting and increase in funding and this will lead to services will be improved. Now just 3 months on this has been exposed for the lie it is as the health service implodes upon itself.

The Government has ordered a certain level of services but have refused to acknowledge or say what these services are or what they will cost. So far what we are left with is a sad shoddy excuse for a public health service.

Maintaining  the same level of funding will NOT stabilise services, WHY?  because waiting lists are growing and the Government itself has said that €200 million more is needed to deal with the current crisis.

Government continues to show little or no commitment to tackling the growing crisis in our health service.

All the evidence points to 2015 being another cronic year for our health system and the patients looking to avail of its services. But because of the governments failures to act when it needed to there will be deeply damaging long-term effects.


This cathrosophic disaster is only going to worsen, however it’s all part of the plan of this coalition government who’s overall plan is to privatise every service operating in this country.

Well Done Herr Kenny & Herr Varardkar you have failed to provide real answers or real solutions AGAIN!