Horse racing Ireland

By Liam Deegan

While government services are suffering from horrendous cutbacks, one set of special friends to every government since 2001 hasn’t suffered one tiniest little bit because the government has handed €68 million Euro to some of the wealthiest industries in the country.

These friends and quango are the rich and famous, Horse Racing Ireland, (which incidentally is loaded to the gills with the millionaire friends of the government) It is to receive €54 million Euro despite having an overall turnover of over €1.1 billion with tax free exports of over €200 million Euro for the sale of horses, Yet it is still being subsidised by the taxpayers. Why does the sport of kings still need taxpayers hard earned cash when it appears to be doing so well?

Bord na GconThen there’s the greyhound industry which isn’t as well known and is seen more as a working class man’s sport and therefore not as attractive when it comes to government subsidies, but its still getting a handy €15 million Euro of our money. According to Bord na gCon, they estimate the greyhound industry employs over 10,300 people and contributes an estimated €500 million in economic output to local economies, So if this is true why does it still need a subvention of €15 million Euro?

I know lots of people love both sports and yes they do create employment mainly through betting shops and online gambling, but equally the need for any taxpayers money to be given to these quangos is unethical, immoral and unjust because we have in our midst, people sleeping rough and dying in doorways, parents and children are sleeping in cars because their homes were repossessed and these families were evicted onto the streets.

We also have people literally dying on hospital trolleys in public corridors without a shred of dignity for them in their final moments on this earth. What has Ireland become ? millions and millions of Euro going to the rich and very wealthy while misery is inflicted upon ordinary people of Ireland something is very very wrong.

What do we call us, when we continue to allow these same governments ignore the1395397_796259000410703_8629891753540226377_n pleas of people who need their help the most and yet we as individuals are put down for speaking up for those without a voice? At what point do we stand up and finally say no more? No more to poverty, no more to evictions, no more to people dying a cruel and inhumane death in full public view, no more people struggling to survive in our doorways?

I as a person feel deeply for these people as they are someone’s son or daughter, brother or sister, mother or father, and they belong most of all to us! These are our people who are suffering and we cannot fail them as our governments have always done and will continue to do as these poor souls are often seen as sub human and dirt on the end of a politicians expensive leather soles.

We as a nation are rising by the day and never forget how close anyone of us are to sleeping in that doorway or sleeping in the car!

When will the state realise we do NOT exist to serve them, BUT they are elected to serve us. I think they need reminding of this.