Global Financial Modern Day Slavery.

Modern Slavery

We are slowly being conditioned to accept the outcome of events sought out by our government. We are losing our rights to a proper education, health, welfare, housing and many of the social structures that we have become so used to over the past decades. The worlds elite are slowly conditioning the masses to accept world economic and governmental decisions.

The economy is slowly being destroyed by a global elite banking system that has decided to destroy peoples confidence in the economic system that governs most of our everyday lives. The plan is to introduce an alternative to the current currency which will ultimately be under the control of a few at the very top of this system. We have already witnessed the beginning of an economic collapse which has seen a massive transfer of wealth, industry and natural resources.

The Privatization of public services is just one of the ways that they have planned for their system of global domination and it will all be done through covert means as opposed to large scale wars like in the days of world war 2. The suffering that this system has caused to many is only the beginning of what is set to come in the future and most people are oblivious to the implications this will have on their lives. These elites have spent billions on the research and testing of implantable chips and its all being done as part of their quest for global domination. We have had whistle blowers within their system who have warned about what these people have planned for humanity.

Multi national corporations have been giving billions in funding to the research and development of new less then lethal weapons systems like the high powered radio frequency weapons for crowd control throughout the world. They have been meeting secretly and planning the destruction of independent nations for their own selfish gains. The worlds population is being force fed unwanted GMO`s that scientists have been warning about and the masses are unwillingly being medicated with highly concentrated amounts of fluoride and other toxins within their drinking water.

There is a massive chemical warfare testing underway through secret budget operations like chem trails. They have being using weather modification weapons that pump highly charged electrical signals into the upper atmosphere to push clouds around and change and even alter weather patterns. All of these tests are being carried out in the name of science yet if anyone asks questions or tries to visit these installations they are met with silence and contempt.

There has been an explosion of new diseases and germs that have seemingly just appeared out of nowhere. Aids was one of their early studies at how to depopulate millions of people worldwide. Their scientists have been quoted as saying “The Aids Epidemic is too slow”. They have been developing new chemical, biological and germ weapons that would wipe out people in their millions if used on a large scale worldwide. We have already witnesses some of their attempts to control humanity first by introducing deadly diseases like swine and bird flu.

Ebola is their latest weapon to be let loose on humanity through the world health organisation which is the medical wing of the United Nations. There has also been an increase in large amounts of heavy and toxic metals (mercury, lead, chromium) being introduced to vaccinations throughout the world that can cause many deadly illnesses in the human biological system. Its a deliberate attempt to poison our youth and break down the social order of everyday life.

If humanity sits still and doesn’t begin to work at eradicating these people then our way of life will become a victim to their malicious attempts of dominating every aspect of human life throughout the globe. Please research all of the above to verify what is happening throughout the world. The world is dominated by a tiny few and they are ruthless and will do anything to retain their powers.